Billion Minutes of Eco-Mind

True Eco-Friendliness begins with a positive state of mind

Billion Minutes of Eco-Mind is a global project to spread the awareness that, LASTING CHANGES IN OUR LIVES AND THE WORLD AT LARGE CAN ONLY HAPPEN BY CHANGING THE WAY WE THINK.

Thoughts are energy

Have you ever had that experience where you are thinking of someone, and that person calls you at that very moment? You are wonderstruck and exclaim: “I was just thinking about you!”

“Energy follows thought or intention.”

We know that positive thoughts and positive feelings produce positive effects, while negative thoughts and negative emotions create negative effects on people and the environment. We have a population of over 7.6 billion, with a majority of the people afflicted by stress, anger, frustration, hatred, doubt, fear, insecurity, anxiety and pain.

These collective negative thoughts and emotions are like mountains of ‘psychic garbage’ that plague our planet, constantly bombarding the environment and humanity.


In reality, the mental-emotional ‘pollution’ is much severe and destructive than the physical pollution and is the root-cause for major issues that grip our world including accidents, chaos, calamities and war.

In his book, ‘Man’s eternal quest’, Paramahansa Yogananda stated:

“…Sudden cataclysms that occur in nature, creating havoc and mass injury, are not ‘acts of God’. Such disasters result from the thoughts of man. Whenever the world’s vibratory balance is disturbed by an accumulation of harmful vibrations – the result of man’s wrong thinking – you will see devastation… The world will continue to have warfare and natural calamities until all people correct their wrong thoughts…”

Let’s make our planet a better place to live…

Better thoughts, Better World

We create our world with our thoughts. To make our beautiful blue planet a better place to inhabit, we need to begin by transforming the way we think. Every day when one billion people of the world have good thoughts and positive feelings JUST FOR A MINUTE, the synergy effect of this will gradually disintegrate negativity and create a positive atmosphere.

As we sustain the activity, the positive vibes spreading across the globe will progressively heal the minds of people, bringing greater peace, clarity and the will to do good. Together we can create a beautiful world!

Billion Minutes of Eco-Mind


By maintaining a positive state of mind at a specific time JUST FOR A MINUTE, you can contribute to making the lives of over 7.6 billion people of the world, including your own, better. With even 7 people participating in the Billion Minutes of Eco-Mind, we can boost up the energy level of the planet, creating a positive effect on our environment.

To be a part of this global movement, choose a time convenient to you and, as far as possible, maintain it throughout the year. The suggested local time for all participants from countries worldwide is either 7:00 A.M or 8:30 P.M. Any activity that will support you to maintain a positive state of mind during this one minute is just fine. For example:

A mother can hold her baby in her hands and radiate peace and joy. || You may recall good moments you had with your family and friends during a vacation. || Play with kids. || Engage in things you love such as music, painting or gardening. || Be in touch with nature. You may gaze at the stars and the moon. || Feel gratitude for good things and good people in your life. || Or simply be in the present and let go.

No matter who you are and what you do, your participation in Billion Minutes of Eco-mind will help to accelerate the process of transformation and global peace.

Say YES to Billion Minutes of Eco-Mind

Billion Minutes of Eco-Mind is an initiative of I Am Better Foundation.

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