every time you get angry… what happens?


At the recent free course on I Am Better, Master Vijay shared:

All that you say has an impact on everything that is surrounding you. That is why sometimes when you go to places where people has got too much of disharmony, too much conflicts, as you enter the place you feel so uncomfortable, you just want to run away.

Why ?
Repeatedly when there is so much of negative words, negative thoughts happening in a particular environment, that environment gets contaminated with this vibration.

Every time you are shouting, using negative words towards people, this is what is called psychic attack.
Every time you are angry, every time you are having hatred, every time you are actually having so much of bad feelings towards people, even your negative feelings, negative thoughts pierces the aura of that people like an arrow.

That is why, when you look at the aura of a person who keeps getting angry, you will see that anger thought forms, in the form of multi red spikes. When they are angry, they are actually releasing these spikes into your aura that is why you feel so uncomfortable being with people who keep getting irritated or angry.

So every time you get angry on people, every time you have hatred towards somebody, you are actually piercing the aura of a person with so much of negative psychic energies.

So you may not do anything physically but with your thoughts, when you have so much of anger towards somebody, even this thought is actually affecting the people in your life. Whether it is your thoughts or your words, you are making either a positive influence or a negative influence around you.


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